Creating Alchemical Transformation Programmes evolved for me over a period of 36 years.  During that time I trained with authentic teachers spanning different continents, in modalities covering all aspects of the ‘human condition’ – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Throughout this journey my goal was, and still is, to use a system that is safe, penetrating, effective and profound.

It was during my first training in Mind Dynamics, in 1981,  that I recognised the important connection that exists between stress, emotional behaviour, nutrition and the immune system.  This was the catalyst that led me on a path seeking a deeper understanding of this connection, together with my own personal transformation, which has given me a deep respect and humility for the complexity of what it truly means to be human.

I have been a therapist/teacher/facilitator for 34 years and am passionate about the beauty, creativity, strength and potential of the human condition.  I see my role as a catalyst to the different levels of an individual’s transformation.  By being a catalyst, clients do not become co-dependent on their facilitator but become increasingly interdependent in all aspects of their lives.  The objective of Alchemical Transformation Programmes is to empower and equip you with a structure for change that you can use for the rest of your life.

I have a wealth of experience, having worked in institutes and clinics in the UK,  and created specific projects: introduced complementary therapy to social services in 1992 -  a two year project with young single mothers; collaborated with medics and other therapists to create a successful programme for the treatment of ME and Chronic Fatigue (treating both physical and emotional levels) 1993; created a pregnancy module to address stress in pregnancy in collaboration with an osteopath 2016; and collaborated with many complementary therapists and members of the medical profession in the UK and overseas. I currently have a private practice in South Oxfordshire and London, UK,  as well as offering Skype sessions for overseas clients

Listed below are the trainings that I have completed. 


  • Mind dynamics (depth emotional reprogramming+ motivational techniques)
  • Oligotherapy and Naturopathy – Switzerland
    • Therapeutic application of trace elements, plant extracts, marine extracts, essential oils, herbal and dietary remedies
    • Oligotherapy trainer for UK on behalf of Centre de Recherché et d’Application sur les Oligoelements (Swiss)
  • Clinical aromatherapy
  • Olfactotherapy
  • Phytoembryotherapy
  • Clinical aromatherapy and Cancer
  • Vibrational aromatherapy
  • Emotional release of trauma held in muscles
  • Chinese diagnosis of the face
  • Reflextherapy
  • Advanced anatomy + physiology
  • Various body therapies
  • Dietetics – specifically related to blood sugar irregularities
  • Exercise programmes
  • Counseling techniques
  • Metamorphic technique
  • Shamanism
  • Ancient wisdom tradition healing methods
  • Intrapersonal pathworking
  • Crystal healing
  • Colour therapy
  • Sound healing
  • Spagyric Medicine

The following health insurance providers recognise my treatments:


"Colleen picked me up from a nervous collapse, on strong anti depressants, after the death of my father. She detoxed and strengthed my body, gave me the tools to work through stressful situations, supported my adrenal system and guided me through the organic growth of my business in the health industry."

Physical Therapist

"Life changing, Empowering, Inspirational, Discernment, understanding and helping me to realising I can be a victim of my own negative thinking, enabling me to recognise that I can make better choices about my everyday life in every second of every day."

Cancer Unit Reflexologist

"Iíve been working with Colleen over a number of years and found the alchemical process invaluable in helping me navigate the challenges of the corporate world and develop a successful career. The guidance and techniques integrate with and compliment my busy life and I have noticed a big change in my ability to deal with stressful situations. I do believe that this work has been the making of what I am today and I really like me today!"

Company Director

"I've been a client of Colleen's for the past six years and can truly say it has been life changing in a very positive way. Through the challenging times I face on the road to enlightenment Colleen has the experience to enable me to stick to the path with compassion, encouragement and belief."


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