The Legacy of Crystal Island

The Legacy of Crystal Island is my first book and forms part of a trilogy. I chose to write a fantasy as a vehicle to describe, in a simple and light-hearted way, such complex subjects as emotional intelligence, wisdom, quantum physics and integrative medicine.  When I began writing the book, which is set in the next century, I didn’t realise that I would be describing events that have recently taken place in the political arena.   One of the major themes of the book draws attention to the qualities required of the people in power to be able to give this beautiful planet the leadership that it deserves.

Book One – The Awakening

by Colleen O'Flaherty-Hilder

Set in the 22nd century, The Legacy of Crystal Island follows the seven-year initiation of Orla, a fourteen-year-old princess who lives on an enchanted island protected by a crystal fortress, in a world that is rapidly degenerating under the rule of power leaders focused on greed and the perpetuation of fear. 

Orla is a direct human-crystal descendent of the Crystalanders, the Guardians of Eternal Wisdom, responsible for keeping balance in the whole cosmos. In the early days of man’s story, they bestowed Gifts of Creation on the Earth, transforming man’s inherent primal fear with Crystaland Wisdom. 

After many thousands of years, the primal fear programming resurfaces and once again becomes dominant in man leading to Earth’s spiral of degeneration. 

Orla’s destiny is to re-awaken Crystaland Wisdom in man’s cellular memory and transform the hatred and conflict in the hearts and minds of mankind. To equip her with the necessary tools and knowledge, she has to undergo an immersion into the unique qualities of Wisdom held in the seven worlds of Crystaland and fully experience the original Gifts of Creation given to Earth. The final part of her initiation is to witness a complete overview of man’s legacy of destruction under the tyranny of fear-based leadership. 

At the end of her initiation, she returns to Crystal Island fully prepared to embark on the next stage of the planet’s transformation

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"Colleen picked me up from a nervous collapse, on strong anti depressants, after the death of my father. She detoxed and strengthed my body, gave me the tools to work through stressful situations, supported my adrenal system and guided me through the organic growth of my business in the health industry."

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