For people to be productive, creative, enthusiastic and communicate effectively, their deep emotional programming must be positive. Any level of stress will inhibit these qualities. Stress hormones act as an antagonist to Emotional Intelligence.

True leadership is dependent on the balance of wisdom, vision and creative responses to challenging problems.   Any level of stress as a result of negative programming can inhibit these qualities

Women in positions of responsibility also require the correct emotional conditioning to help them develop and express their unique skills successful in a traditionally male dominated environment.

Alchemical Transformation Programmes identify at an early stage the negative emotional conditioning which is preventing an individual from achieving his or her potential.


Creativity be it problem solving, developing a new business, revamping an existing business, or producing a work of art, requires the mind to be free of negative thought distractions – conscious and unconscious.


Our daily lives are a tapestry of interactions with people; some are deeply intimate and some are less so. Successful relationships are formed from the ability to respond and communicate positively with others.  Often, because of our negative emotional conditioning, it is difficult to deal effectively with conflict and crisis situations.


Alchemical Transformation Programmes address physical dis-ease with natural remedies.   One of my areas of specialization is Oligotherapy - the therapeutic application of Trace Elements www.oligotherapy.co.uk. Oligotherapy not only treats symptoms but also can identify the early stages of degeneration and prevent further deterioration.  Medical science is finally looking towards prevention in an attempt to curb the outpouring of money for the treatment of chronic disease.   Ageing is a natural process of degeneration but external and internal stress will accelerate this.  Early intervention will assist in maintaining a good quality of life.  Equally physical symptoms and conditions are a useful diagnostic tool for identifying underlying emotional problems.


Someone once said:

Spiritual development is like climbing a path up a mountain carrying a tent to use whenever you decide to stop or rest,  and you can choose to pitch your tent on that mountain at any point on your journey. But some people will choose not to carry a tent!

This perhaps helps to describe something as intangible as spiritual development.  There are many pathways, many degrees of understanding but you can stop at any time – or not - the choice is yours.  However, whilst the decision to stop or go forward is that of the individual, the preparation is as important as the journey.

Often people plunge into the world of spiritual development without the correct preparation and that can lead to chaos in their psyche which could prevent them from moving forward.   Spiritual development is a sacred path and requires a degree of preparation by the individual via the refinement of the physical, mental and emotional to bring their understanding to a place that is congruent with Spirit.   More details of this programme can be obtained from me on request.


"Colleen has helped me in every area of my life. It's invaluable to me to be able to talk to her about anything. She is so supportive and knowledgeable and words can't express how grateful I am to her and how highly I recommend her."

University Teaching Administrator

"Colleen picked me up from a nervous collapse, on strong anti depressants, after the death of my father. She detoxed and strengthed my body, gave me the tools to work through stressful situations, supported my adrenal system and guided me through the organic growth of my business in the health industry."

Physical Therapist

"Life changing, Empowering, Inspirational, Discernment, understanding and helping me to realising I can be a victim of my own negative thinking, enabling me to recognise that I can make better choices about my everyday life in every second of every day."

Cancer Unit Reflexologist

"Iíve been working with Colleen over a number of years and found the alchemical process invaluable in helping me navigate the challenges of the corporate world and develop a successful career. The guidance and techniques integrate with and compliment my busy life and I have noticed a big change in my ability to deal with stressful situations. I do believe that this work has been the making of what I am today and I really like me today!"

Company Director

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