I am creating a series of videos on YouTube to give more information about the therapies I practice, Alchemical Transformation Programmes™, and to de-mystify some of the many myths surrounding natural medicine and traditional therapies. Feel free to subscribe to my channel to be notified when new videos are uploaded. 

The Intelligence of Essential Oils

The therapeutic use of essential oils and aromatic plants has been understood for thousands of years and is still part of the medical repertoire of natural remedies in many countries. However, over the last few decades in the UK and the USA, that understanding has unfortunately been diluted with essential oils and clinical aromatherapy relegated to largely being viewed as pampering beauty treatments.


This video highlights the intelligence that runs through the whole of the plant kingdom which is more concentrated and therefore more powerful in essential oils. It is this intelligence that gives the essential oils the ability to heal the mind, body and spirit but this healing can only occur when the understanding of the intelligence is fully embraced and understood by the practitioner. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to ensure that these precious, and sometimes endangered, oils are used in ‘right relationship’ with the wisdom traditions that birthed their therapeutic use.