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The Celestial designs of this collection of bracelets are inspired by the alchemical crystal paths of transformation described in the fantasy novels ‘ The Legacy of Crystal Island’ book I and II written by Colleen O’Flaherty-Hilder. 


The Awakening bracelet incorporates the qualities from the Crystal Paths and Crystal Gifts described in book one - The Awakening.  It has been created with the intention of activating subtle cellular frequencies necessary to ignite an awareness of our connection to creative wisdom, which is reflected in all of nature, and an understanding of our personal contribution to healing the planet.


Lavender Amethyst

This stone emits an extremely high vibration which focuses the mind and calms the heart. It brings a clear connection to our electromagnetic field facilitating higher states of consciousness. It is powerful in its ability to transmute lower energies into the higher frequencies of the angelic realms.  Bringing source energy, tranquillity, and everlasting love into your meditation practice. Encourages selflessness and reveals true wisdom.



This deep purple Amethyst provides extraordinary strength. Like the lavender amethyst, its vibration is extremely high, yet its deep colour facilitates powerful grounding and cleansing, necessary qualities for the development and enhancement of intuition and spiritual gifts. It dispels low vibrational energies like anger, rage, fear, and anxiety, allowing for an authentic connection to a deeper spiritual experience.


Lavender Jade 

A rare beauty, she emits a tranquil energy to support our meditation and visualisation practices, encouraging the awakening of suppressed creative wisdom - our ‘crystal memory’; establishing a sense of inner peace by setting clear boundaries and creating the nurturing frequencies that encourage emotional release. Like the pearl, jade is a symbol of purity and serenity.


Pink Rhodochrosite 

This crystal assists in revealing your truth with a noble, loving understanding and compassion, bringing a sense of lightness to your life; enhances dream states and imagination; promotes self-worth and cools emotional stress.


FreshWater Pearl

Representing peace and compassion, it provides a strengthened protection against negative energy by balancing the body’s subtle energies, expands your consciousness promoting positive intentions, it enhances moon rituals


Inspired by the book 'The Legacy of Crystal Island: Book II The Awakening' by Colleen O'Flaherty - click here

The Awakening

  • Emotional - Uplifting, focus, tranquil, soothing, nurturing and loving thoughts.

    Physical - Calming, cleansing, grounding, peace, serenity, compassion, awakens crystalline memory at cellular level.

    Spiritual - Clarity, transformative wisdom, connection to lunar phases, protection.

    * These qualities are simply a guide. If used within a spiritual, healing practise it is advised you cleanse and charge when appropriate.

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