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These Celestial designs are inspired by the alchemical paths of transformation described in the fantasy books 'The Legacy of Crystal Island' written by Colleen O'Flaherty-Hilder. This bracelet represents the qualities of creation-based leadership described in book two: Truth and Courage. By embracing a new understanding of leadership, we can begin to dissolve the worn-out archetype of patriarchal leadership that has led us to this precarious point in our evolution. 


This design has been imbued with the intention of creating an awareness of the courage needed to speak one’s personal truth. A truth that reflects the wisdom of creation.


Pink Rhodochrosite 

This crystal assists in revealing your truth with nobility and compassion, bringing a sense of lightness to your life; enhances dream states and imagination; promotes self-worth and cools emotional stress.


Red Garnet 

Bringing courage and hope by allowing the heart to open with confidence; this crystal is energising, revitalising, optimistic and grounding.



Representing peace and compassion it provides a strengthened protection against negative energy by balancing the body’s subtle energies, expands your consciousness promoting positive intentions and enhances moon rituals.


Truth & Courage

  • EMOTIONAL - loving awareness, hope, compassionate, protection

    PHYSICAL - uplifting, courageous, strength

    SPIRITUAL - clarity, expanded awareness, connection to planetary wisdom 

    * These qualities are simply a guide. If used within a spiritual, healing practise it is advised you cleanse and charge when appropriate. 

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