Introduction to the training module 'Alchemy of the Soul'

An experiential workshop designed to convey to the  participants the understanding that we are all unique with unique gifts to offer the world; how to recognise the conditioning that has buried that unique quality; give an insight and understanding of the theme and lessons of personal challenges.

The Ethics of  Visualisation and Meditation 

How to use these tools successful by avoiding the many pitfalls; recognising resistance; and how to develop a safe and productive inner practice.

Female Sexuality

The true gifts of the feminine - What is sexual wisdom - How that translates into your sexual relationships - Exploring the archetypes of sexual behaviour - Are you truly expressing yourselves sexually in an holistic way - The full implications of sexual relationships without wisdom.

Alchemy of the Soul - levels I, II,III

Designed for individuals or practitioners of natural therapies. This training takes an individual on a pathwork of transformation, systematically working through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in synergy, within a framework that uses logic, reason and creativity in balance.  It provides the necessary safe foundation upon which to explore deeper emotional memory and to communicate with the gatekeepers of our wisdom - the wisdom of nature that is in each and every person on this planet.



For professional practitioners only - The catalytic use of trace elements levels I and II. For more information on Oligotherapy -


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