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Colleen has been a Health and Wellness practitioner for nearly 40 years. She has trained in a number of natural therapies and wisdom traditions under the guidance of authentic professional teachers from different cultures and continents. Because of these trainings, and her own inner alchemical process, she created Alchemical Transformation Programmes™ (ATP), a system that addresses and integrates synergistically the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of an individual. You cannot treat any of these levels in isolation and expect to achieve profound change.  Physical health will impact on mental acuity and emotional balance.  Equally, emotional imbalance will affect physical health. ATP provides a framework upon which personalised programmes are created to navigate a safe path of healing and transformation, without causing disruption to your health, relationships or career.


She has practised in Wellness Institutes and Clinics internationally: created specific projects for M.E. and Chronic Fatigue, Emotional Wellness, Stress and Pregnancy, and collaborated with many complementary therapists and members of the medical profession in the UK and overseas. Throughout her years of experience, Colleen has maintained a deep passion about the beauty, creativity, strength and potential of the human condition that initially attracted her to the profession many years ago.

To help her clients understand the complexities of this deep work, Colleen has written two fantasy novels in the series, Legacy of Crystal Island: Book One - The Awakening, describes the gifts of nature reflected in all of us, but has been buried under the cumulative negative human conditioning of thousands of years; Book Two - Truth and Courage, describes how we discover the balanced male/female qualities of creative leadership required to find solutions for the many challenges facing the planet.

From the original concept of ATP, Colleen created a training module - Alchemy of the Soul - designed for both practitioners of natural therapies and individuals. It provides a structured pathway to explore and work through the many progressive levels of transformation by removing the negative conditioning of generations. The aim being for the individual to reveal and express their unique gifts and talents.


  “I see my role as a catalyst to the different levels of an individual’s transformation, ensuring that clients do not become codependent on me as a facilitator. The aim of ATP is to empower and equip you with a structure for change, which can be used for the rest of your life. ATP is not for everyone. It is designed for people who want to take responsibility and authority over their health, wellbeing and, ultimately, the future wellbeing of the planet.” 

Colleen conducts her trainings and workshops internationally and has private practices in South Oxfordshire and London, and via Skype/Zoom sessions.

Trainings Completed Since 1981

  • Mind dynamics (hypnotherapy + depth emotional reprogramming + advanced visualisation techniques + motivational techniques)

  • Oligotherapy and Naturopathy – Switzerland

    • Therapeutic application of trace elements, plant extracts, marine extracts, essential oils, herbal and dietary remedies

    • Oligotherapy trainer for UK and USA on behalf of Centre de Recherché et d’Application sur les Oligoelements (Swiss)

    • Equine Oligotherapy 

  • Clinical aromatherapy

  • Olfactotherapy

  • Clinical aromatherapy and Cancer

  • Vibrational aromatherapy

  • Phytoembyrotherapy

  • Emotional release of trauma held in muscles

  • Chinese diagnosis of the face

  • Reflextherapy

  • Advanced anatomy + physiology

  • Various body therapies

  • Dietetics – specifically related to stress/hormonal related blood sugar irregularities

  • Exercise programmes

  • Counselling techniques

  • Metamorphic technique

  • Ancient wisdom tradition healing methods including Shamanism, Alchemy, Irish Celtic Druidry

  • Intrapersonal pathworking

  • Crystal healing

  • Colour therapy

  • Sound healing

  • Spagyric Medicine

  • Equine massage - subsequently developed and taught a system of equine massage based on the metamorphic technique and lymphatic drainage

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