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Developing Emotional Intelligence Between Parent and Child - Using the healing power of Essential Oils

Online course via Zoom


 'The tools we give our children to manage their emotions will determine their long term physical and mental wellbeing'.

This course is designed to equip clinical aromatherapists with the knowledge to teach parents how to communicate more effectively with their children from 0 to 18 years.


The course incorporates:

  • The appropriate application of essential oils for children and adolescents. Essential oils are regarded as the silent mediator - a non verbal communicator that can be used when there are 'just no words' and have a unique ability to remove emotional blockages when nothing else works.

  • Age-appropriate massage techniques.

  • The understanding of birth and childhood trauma which can be released with essential oils and massage. 

  • The understanding of the emotional development from birth to 18 years.

  • How to apply essential oils using every day resources and situations to help relax, calm, focus and motivate.

  • How to deal with peer pressure, bullying, and social media pressures.

*More information available on request. 

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