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●      Every cell in the body needs specific Trace Elements to function correctly – cells that cannot function correctly lead to degeneration.

●      For the cells of the body to recognise and absorb the necessary Trace Elements they constantly need, they must be in their individual catalytic form in the precise amount.

For their optimum cellular absorption, Trace Elements must be produced as follows:


The atoms of each trace element are separated from all other bonds in water under precise conditions to ensure that they have the correct electrical charge for cellular absorption.

Ionisation is not achieved by just putting random amounts of trace elements in water - ionisation is a precise science.

Dynamized Patented Technology

The energy potential of the ionised atoms is increased so that fewer amounts of trace elements are required ensuring accurate absorption and eliminating the possibility of imbalance, cellular blockages, or toxicity.

**This dynamization process is unique and patented to Laboratoires Bioligo and should not be confused with other forms of dynamization.

 By using fewer Trace Elements, Bioligo is contributing to a more sustainable, planet-friendly product


Bioligo Trace Elements are absorbed under the tongue, by-passing digestion, entering the bloodstream instantly. 

The journey of Trace Elements that are absorbed via digestion is uncertain and protracted especially if the digestive system in the person is impaired, which is often the case today.   

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Trace Elements are reactive and therefore their interaction must be fully understood. For example, Zinc is often suggested for immunity, but Zinc used on its own and in the incorrect form, can be an antagonist to copper,  which is also important to immunity.  

Further examples of imbalances are here QUICK LINK


We are all different and our requirements for any remedy - natural or pharmaceutical - will vary from person to person and at different stages of their lives. Oligotherapy addresses the presenting symptoms or health conditions and also identifies the individual's terrain/background condition with a view to strengthening all the systems of the body and reversing degeneration. 

As far back as 1946 Dr Menetrier (France), one of the pioneers in the application of Oligotherapy, observed that not all patients suffering from the same health condition who were prescribed with the same trace elements made a full recovery. This discovery led to further research and his identification of four ‘terrains’ (background conditions) that respond positively to specific trace elements. (The four terrains were later increased to five to include the endocrine system, based on further research conducted by the CRAO). 

The concept of identifying the background condition of an individual to determine the treatment is rooted in many traditional therapies like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda and Homeopathy. To achieve optimum health, it is important to use an holistic approach, particularly when using natural remedies, rather than a symptom/prescription model.

*As already mentioned, if Trace Elements are not in the correct synergy and catalytic form, they can cause blockages in the cells or put the body out of balance which will eventually lead to degeneration and disease.

Below are some examples of two frequently prescribed single Trace Elements as supplementsZinc and Calcium – and the consequences of their negative interaction in the body with other Trace Elements and minerals:

Zinc/Copper = Anaemia, hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism, degenerative diseases, diabetes, delayed scarring, sterility, mood swings.

Zinc/Iron = Delayed scarring, anaemia.

Zinc/Magnesium* = Arthritis, diabetes, loss of taste.

Zinc/Manganese = Diabetes, sterility, impotence, and prostatitis.

Calcium*/Zinc = Osteoporosis, poor assimilation of Vitamin D.

Calcium*/Iron = Disturbance in the metabolism of Calcium.

​Calcium*/Copper = Disorders of neuropsychological system degenerative disease.

​Calcium*/Magnesium* = Muscle cramps, weakness, fatigue, osteoporosis.

*  Calcium and Magnesium are elements of construction that also have a catalytic function.

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