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Strengthening Your Immune System In The Autumn Safeguards Your Health For The Winter...

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The Sirop Du Pere Michel season is upon us once again!

As we crossed the threshold of the autumn equinox reports of extreme variants of cold viruses began to appear in the media. This time of year is ideal for focusing on your wellness regime to prevent the normal cold and flu viruses that appear during the autumn and winter months, but this year we face yet another layer of the ever-evolving immunity story. Flu viruses are constantly altering, which is why the flu vaccine composition is reviewed each year and revised as required based on which influenza infections are making people ill, the extent to which those viruses are spreading, and how effectively the previous season’s vaccine protected against those viruses. The Covid-19 mitigation measures, such as wearing face masks, staying home, hand washing, school closures, reduced travel, increased ventilation of indoor spaces, and physical distancing, likely contributed to the decline in the winter 2020-2021 flu incidence, accordingly our immune systems are more attuned to the viruses circulating in previous years. Added to that, many people are returning to the workplace after working from home and will mix with more and more people both at work and on public transport, exposing themselves once again to flu and cold viruses.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to be conscious about protecting and strengthening our immune systems. I always recommend at this time of year when the temperature creeps downwards and we spend more time inside, that we reach for the Sirop du Pere Michel and begin the preventative regime of taking a maintenance dose of one, or half a dose per day, dependent on age, as a general support to the immune system.

The Covid-19 vaccine perhaps is a ‘false friend’ in as much as it reduces the incidences of contracting the virus but according to the NHS, you can still contract Covid-19, although it appears to lessen its life-threatening symptoms, therefore you can still transmit the disease. It stands to reason that whether you are vaccinated or not against Covid-19, you should still support and strengthen your immune system to help combat all viruses.

Sirop du Pere Michel, clinically proven to support and strengthen the immune system especially in relation to upper respiratory conditions, is a flagship product of Laboratories Bioligo in Switzerland and has been extensively and successfully used in Europe for decades, not just to combat winter viruses but also to support and strengthen the background condition when the seasons change. Seasonal change is often accompanied by a reduction in our energy levels, which is another indication that the immune system needs support.

Sirop Du Pere Michel is unique in its ability to rapidly deliver important trace elements to the body's cells because they are absorbed under the tongue and do not have to navigate the lengthy process of digestion. When our bodies are working hard to resist a virus, nutrients need to get into the bloodstream quickly. But when we are fighting an illness our digestive system does not work as efficiently as it should and those nutrients necessary to support a healthy immune system take too long to get to these cells, which is the cause of degeneration and disease.

The active ingredients in the Sirop du Pere Michel range are:

The synergy matched, ionised complex of trace elements designed to support, strengthen, and balance the immune system in the fight against pathogens; proven to be non-toxic and does not put the body’s cells out of balance, both of which could lead to disease. Without the correct trace elements in the correct form and quantity, the cells of the body do not function correctly and cannot absorb the many nutrients necessary for a healthy functioning immune system.

  • Organic Green Propolis: Propolis contributes to reinforcing the natural defences of bees and the immunity of the hive, and has been recognised since antiquity as a natural antibiotic for humans. The propolis used in the SPM range is collected by a species of bee found widely in southern Brazil, from Wild Rosemary, which contains high levels of terpenoids, chemical agents that provide an anti-inflammatory action - a powerful addition to the actions of classical propolis.

  • Organic essential oil complex (medicinal grade): eucalyptus, thyme, cajeput, niaouli – containing anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties as well as easing upper respiratory symptoms.

The Sirop du Pere Michel range offers several products suitable for all ages and background conditions:

  • The Sirop - is pleasant tasting, immediately soothes sore throats and persistent coughs whilst helping your body fight infections. It is suitable for babies, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and the elderly.

  • Bon-Bon du Pere Michel - hard pastilles that are a sugar free alternative to the Sirop and come in a handy click box of 20s or 60s, ideal for popping into a handbag, briefcase, or pocket.

  • The Sirop du Pere Michel mouth spray - organic green propolis together with organic essential oil of mint and organic honey provides protection for the mouth, which is normally the first point of entry (together with the nose) into the body for viruses and bacterial infections. Ideal for when you are travelling on public transport, airports or mixing in large groups of people inside – a quick spray in the mouth will support the healthy environment of the mouth, prevent the development of bacteria, and keep the breath fresh.

As well as taking the Sirop du Pere Michel as part of your autumn preventative health regime, I also recommend taking a good Vitamin C supplement plus Vitamin D3 and, if you are under stress, a good Vitamin B Complex. Details of these can be obtained from your Oligotherapy practitioner.

I wish you all a healthy and happy autumn.

Colleen O’Flaherty

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