"Legacy of Crystal Island book one and two, takes the complex subject of how the emotional programming of both men and women, stored in the deepest layers of their inherited memory, influences the decisions they make today and weaves it into a fantasy tale, hopefully making the subject easier to understand. More importantly, both books draw attention to the qualities required in both men and women to be able to give this beautiful planet the leadership that it deserves"

Colleen O'Flaherty-Hilder

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The Legacy of Crystal Island

Book One

The Awakening

Set in the 22nd century, The Legacy of Crystal Island follows the seven-year Crystal awakening of Orla, a young princess who lives on an enchanted island protected by a crystal fortress, in a world that is rapidly degenerating under the rule of power leaders focused on greed and the perpetuation of fear.

"After each princess had returned from Crystaland, they all had the same look about them; it was as if light bounced off their skin radiating back into the environment. But, most of all Maeve observed her child’s Crystal maturity. This was not just the maturity that seven years would have given; this was the inner majesty that she projected from every cell of her body, which took Maeve’s breath away with pride. She knew that within that majesty was the most important understanding of the humility of responsibility and Orla wore that mantle with ease. "

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The Legacy of Crystal Island

Book Two

Truth and Courage

In the second book in the series, Orla has returned to Crystal Island after her Awakening. Alongside her promised consort, Finn, she is tasked with choosing fourteen new leaders - seven men and seven women - for the Federations of the Earth. They will replace the Chief Generals who are controlled by the dangerous Shadow and have led the planet down a path of greed and destruction for many decades. Under this new leadership, will the planet be able to heal in time to go on to the next stage of its evolution?

"Equally women were desperate not to allow their spontaneous urges to come to the surface in case more guilt was loaded upon them. Unfortunately this happened for more than 2000 years, and although in the latter part of the 20th century this attitude began to change in many cultures, that programming still haunted women on a very deep level, overlaying many shades of guilt into their memory, influencing their thoughts and actions in the 22nd century.”