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Laboratories Bioligo/CRAO Centre for Recherches d’Application sur les Oligoelément created a system based on the work of earlier French medical Oligotherapy researchers at the beginning of the 20th century. Their system identifies which trace elements are required, how often they need to be taken and the exact quantities required. Oligotherapy is not a supplementation regime – it is a therapy.

How do we know if we are deficient in Trace Elements?

Health issues, no matter how minor, are a reliable indication that our Trace Element requirement is not being met. Oligotherapy can identify those deficiencies from very early symptoms that can include, for example, minor digestive problems, headaches, sleep problems, and menstrual dysregulation, to more serious or chronic conditions.


Oligotherapy is the complete opposite of simply supplementation - taking substantial and/or random amounts of minerals and trace elements to address a deficiency. As far back as 1932 it was recognised that the requirement for trace elements vary from a thousandth to a millionth of a gram to achieve a catalytic action. Science and a wealth of experience have since demonstrated that trace elements must be applied more intelligently to obtain optimum results. Research has demonstrated that the best way for trace elements to be absorbed into the cells is for them to be combined with their complementary trace elements i.e. for Iron to be absorbed it requires Copper. This understanding led to Bioligo creating trace element complexes (Global Oligotherapy) a more efficient and therapeutic way of administering trace elements.

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