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Alchemy of The Soul 

“True alchemy is the process by which a plant, mineral or an individual’s emotional memory undergoes purification to reveal the inherent essence of the subject matter. The alchemical process involves several phases devised to target precise developmental stages, none of which must be missed otherwise the results will be incomplete.”


An Introduction to Alchemy of the Soul - Day Workshop

Introduction Workshop

Levels I, II & III

The Alchemy of the Soul trainings use a unique alchemical process that embraces a confluence of wisdom traditions within a modern context to transform negative emotional conditioning - from many generations - to reveal your personal authority, truth and courage that is necessary to find your passion, gifts and joy. There are no short cuts to profound transformation and whichever process is adopted, it must be effective, dynamic and safe which is a necessary priority for all workshops and trainings conducted by Alchemical Transformation Programmes™.

Introduction to Alchemy of the Soul ~ One-day Workshop

This is an experiential workshop to awaken the understanding of your true gifts and creative wisdom. It is an introduction to the many layers of conditioning stored in the labrynth of the emotional memory one has to transform to achieve a higher level of consciousness to access that wisdom.

You will learn the main negative themes that are causing blockages in your life; how it affects your physical and emotional wellbeing; and how to transform negative memory/trauma into a powerful resource for wisdom.


This workshop is ideal for people who want to:

  •        Identify and begin the process of  breaking negative behavioural patterns.

  •        Begin to unravel their true gifts and talents.

  •        Take responsibility for their lives - health, relationships, career and the future of the planet.

  •        Integrate the necessary balanced male and female emotional qualities to access creative wisdom

  •       It is particularly powerful for women in industry as an introduction to their understanding of: how the 'glass ceiling' was created from within their own inherited conditioning; how to break those inherited patterns and walk into your own unique authority.


*This is a necessary initiation for Levels I,II and III.

Levels I, II & III

A combination of online group sessions and in person workshops

Level I - Following on from the introduction workshop, this training includes:

  • A deeper understanding of the different levels of alchemical enquiry and transformation that covers the four worlds of the human condition - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

  • Integration of the wisdom-based male and female qualities

  • Working on deeper levels of negative programming that impact on all our relationships - our health, our work, our family and our environment

  • How to transform and learn the important lessons inherent in all negativity. 

  • This level is a a necessary initiation for the deeper work of level II.


Level II - Level II consolidates and integrates the knowledge from the introductory workshop and Level I to  enable healing of genetic memory and reveals how the emotional conditioning of thousands of years can still determine every facet of your life today.

Using trusted tools from wisdom traditions, we will explore and transform inherited corrections and woundings that constitute our eternal myths - the negative illusions programmed into our emotional memory - to access  our eternal truth and break free from redundant individual and collective conditioning - that has brought the world to this pivotal moment in history.

*This is a necessary initiation into to the deeper worlds of consciousness and creativity that you will develop in Level III.

Level III - Building on the foundations of knowledge and transformation from the preceding levels, you will be guided into working with the creative process necessary to access and use the laws of creation for the confident and courageous expression of your truth in all situations.

​This level is valuable for everybody as we all have a significant contribution to make to the healing of the planet. It is especially significant as a mechanism for leaders in any field aspiring to discover genuinely innovative and sustainable solutions to the endless challenges they are facing. You will be guided to access the purest virtues from both masculine and feminine wisdom and initiated into a rigorous process of inquiry, exploration and authentic creativity that is needed to break free from past mistakes; to set aside the mantel of the ego and navigate the labyrinth of fear and turmoil that is presently dominating the planet, to be able to reveal long term visionary solutions that will lead us to a brighter and healthier future.

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