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We have buried within each of us the wisdom of creation and we are now at the threshold of a New Age where we can remove the conditioning of generations to reclaim this knowledge for the benefit of ourselves and, ultimately, for the planet.

Utilising Colleen's extensive experience guiding clients through the labyrinth of their emotional programming, the Gatherings take the form of a guided meditation based on the Crystal Paths of transformation described in her book:


The Legacy of Crystal Island Book One - The Awakening






The intention of these New Moon Gatherings is to connect the group with an authentic common goal and global intention as we move into a new and important cycle of awareness.

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Colleen is able to prepare and guide you through immersive visualisations with the intention of giving you a deeper connection to your truth... The truth that will give you the courage to take responsibility for yourself and ultimately the planet.

Whilst this is a Members Only Group Event, Colleen has chosen to make public select recordings. If you would like to subscribe to her YouTube channel, click subscribe.

To complement the meditation, Colleen's daughter Siobhan assists by providing a relaxing soundscape with her crystal singing bowls which anchor, connect and enhance the energy of the session.

From now on Siobhan will be offering Full Moon Crystal Bowl Meditations over on her YouTube Live which can be used alongside the New Moon Gtherings. Providing more support to strengthen your meditation practice. 

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