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The Important Foundations

Online Course via Zoom

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Meditation has the potential to improve our mental and physical health, connect us to our inner wisdom and ultimately take us to a higher state of consciousness. Meditation is an ancient skill developed in times when there were not the distractions of our modern world and today it is often underestimated how much preparation and guidance is required to achieve an authentic meditation practice, especially when confronted by pressures of work, family, finances, health and much more!

The first steps in developing a meditation practice is to understand and work on creating a strong foundation upon which you can improve and expand your skill. The first consideration is that you understand that consciousness embraces all aspects of you – physical, mental and emotional - and those three have to be integrated to access the spiritual.  If your physical body is in conflict with your mental or emotional body this prevents an authentic connection. 

The aim of this training is to create a strong foundation for further development of authentic meditation so that you can utilise it, not just for a short period once or twice a day, but to ultimately integrate that level of awareness into every aspect of your life.

During this on-line course I will give clear and logical instructions on the following:

  1. How to connect, scan and interact with the physical body

  2. Building an awareness of the effects of your environment on your physical body

  3. Recognising lifestyles that impede a meditation practice

  4. Understanding what is required to reach the necessary level of relaxation – brainwave states - to access a meditative state.

  5. Working with the ‘gatekeepers’ of our emotional memories – genetic and experienced.

  6. Using sound and natural remedies to access those frequencies

  7. Building an awareness of the effects of your environment on your physical body

  8. Acknowledging and processing negative mental thought patterns that create distractions

  9. Introduction to the safe use of visualisation as a preparation for guided meditation.             


* Visualisation and guided meditation are valuable tools to access archetypes in our emotional memory and is an advanced practice, but it can be used in a very specific way at the foundation level to prepare for deeper work.

My recent blog on meditation helps to shed some light on what may be preventing you from accessing a true and connected meditation practise in this modern, and sometimes chaotic world. I cover a few helpful tools that can be utilised to support and strengthen your meditation practice, as well as some misconceptions about the valuable art of meditation.

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