Alchemical Transformation 


Alchemical Transformation Programmes™ provide a framework upon which the physical, mental, emotional and eventually, the spiritual potential of an individual can be transformed in the correct synergy which is efficient, safe and profound. 


All aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are working in synergy every second of the day - whether you are aware of it or not - and they cannot be picked apart and separated from the whole.


Physical ATP - This is the level at which everyone should start their journey of transformation - your body is a mirror of your reactions to your environment, motivated from your emotional memory that will impact on physical health. Whatever the reason you seek development, you have to assess whether your body is healthy enough to undergo the next level of enquiry. Equally, to reinforce the alchemical process, I only use natural remedies that have been produced alchemically.


Mental ATP - How well we function intellectually will depend on our belief systems which are connected to our emotional programming. The mind needs to be free of inappropriate negative thoughts carried at the root of our cognitive understanding of self to be able to function fluently.


Emotional ATP - Our beliefs, which are both inherited and experienced, motivate how we react and respond to the world around us and will determine how successful we are in our relationships with ourselves, partners, friends, career and environment. ATP identifies and transforms the negative programming that is stored in the deepest part of our emotional memory.


Spiritual ATP - If one follows an authentic alchemical path to transform the other three aspects, a deeper spiritual connection will be revealed.

Alchemical Transformation Programmes™ acknowledges that the challenging path of Alchemy must be followed within a specific framework, with respect, discipline and most of all humility. ATP is not for everyone, it is only designed for those who are truly committed and serious about transformation.