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Colleen is an experienced and knowledgeable professional natural and traditional medicine practitioner in the field of stress impact on emotional development and physical health. With over 40 years of experience and collaborations with pioneers in the field, she brings valuable insights to the APPPH Pregnancy Dialogues program. In 2017, she was entrusted to develop a training model for therapists focused on reducing stress during pregnancy, which highlights her expertise in this area. Additionally, she has also created a program called "Developing Emotional Intelligence between Children and Parents," for Aroma Psychology Practitioners,  indicating her dedication to fostering healthy relationships and emotional well-being on a international platform.


“One of the main goals of my work is to help women realise that they already possess the fundamental knowledge to be mothers. However, this knowledge can only be effectively expressed if they receive support from a wise and knowledgeable environment. One of the reasons I was attracted to Pregnancy Dialogues™ was because it is a research-based model that verifies the wisdom I have accumulated through my 40 years of experience.”

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