Oligotherapy is the therapeutic use of catalytic trace elements combining
Swiss science and expertise with Nature

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The periodic table of elements above represents all the known elements in our world.


  • The elements needed for the construction of the human body include:

Hydrogen and Oxygen (H2O - Water), Carbon, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulphur, Sodium, Nitrogen, and Silicon, which represents 99.98% of the body.


  • The trace element requirement is just 0.02%:

Zinc, Copper, Nickle, Manganese, Cobalt, Iron, Lithium, Potassium, Molybdenum, Selenium, Chromium, Iodine, Vanadium, Iron.

  • Although the percentage of trace elements is relatively small, they act as catalysts for the healthy functioning of all the cells in the body; without them, in their catalytic form, our bodies fall into degeneration and disease.

What are Trace Elements and why do we need them?




















The essential function of trace elements in the body was recognised as far back as 6000 BC; and in the 16th century Paracelsus, who introduced chemistry into medicine, pioneered the theory that the human body must have a precise balance of trace elements/minerals to maintain optimum strength. 


More recent research establishing the importance of trace elements began in 1895, extending throughout the 1900s in France and Switzerland, culminating in the pioneering research of Laboratoires Bioligo and the Centre for Recherches d’Application sur les Oligoelément (CRAO). 

Over a period of more than 50 years, the CRAO have identified the most effective form and method of trace element application. Integrating current scientific systems with the research and clinical experience of those early pioneers, has culminated in a consistently effective and safe natural remedy that is: fast acting; efficiently assimilated by the cells of the body; and does not provoke toxicity or produce a mineral imbalance which can contribute to inflammation, degeneration, and disease. 

How do we become deficient in Trace Elements?

In an ideal world we would obtain all our trace element requirements from our diet, but sadly an increasing amount of our food is produced from soil that is depleted in vital trace elements or has been contaminated by chemical-based pesticides which causes blockages to the cellular absorption of trace elements. Equally, our modern world presents many challenges that cause the rapid depletion of trace elements from our bodies, often faster than we can replace with just diet:

  • Pollution

  • Chelating substances – compounds which we ingest and attach themselves to the trace elements which hinders or prevents their catalytic action, e.g. Calcium Carbonate, Zinc gluconate often suggested for bones/joints and immunity.

  • Medicines

  • Psychological disorders

  • Noise pollution

  • Negative emotions

  • Inadequate sleep

  • Inadequate nutrition

  • Change of seasons

  • Too little or too much exercise

  • Incorrect use of herbal medicines or food supplements.

How do we know if we are deficient in Trace Elements?

Health issues, no matter how minor, are a reliable indication that our trace element requirement is not being met. Oligotherapy can identify those deficiencies from very early symptoms that can include, for example, minor digestive problems, headaches, sleep problems, and menstrual dysregulation, to more serious or chronic conditions.


How is Oligotherapy applied?

Simple supplementation – taking substantial amounts of minerals to address a deficiency - is not the answer. Research and experience have demonstrated that trace elements must be applied more intelligently to obtain optimum results, by using a process that combines high quality, active trace elements together with their accurate application.


What has the research taught us?

  • Every cell in the body needs specific trace elements to function healthily.


  • For the cells of the body to recognise and absorb the necessary trace elements they constantly need, they must be in their individual catalytic form – possess the specific electrical charge necessary for cellular absorption.


  • For their optimum cellular absorption, trace elements must be produced as follows:


Ionised – The atoms of each trace element are separated from all other bonds in water under precise conditions to ensure that they have the correct electrical charge for cellular absorption. Ionisation is not achieved by just putting random amounts of trace elements in water - it is a precise science.

Synergy – Trace elements are reactive and therefore the combination and quantities of trace elements used must be delivered with knowledge and precision: each trace element has a precise bioelectronic profile which must be considered when administering trace elements either singularly or in combination with other trace elements, minerals, food supplements and herbal remedies.


Dynamized – the energy potential of the ionised atoms is increased so that fewer amounts of trace elements are required, ensuring accurate absorption, and eliminating the possibility of imbalance, cellular blockages, or toxicity. The dynamization process employed is unique and patented to Laboratoires Bioligo and should not be confused with other forms of dynamization. By using fewer trace elements, Bioligo are contributing to a more sustainable, planet friendly product.

Sublingual – the journey of trace elements that are absorbed via digestion is uncertain and protracted, especially if the digestive system in the person is impaired, which is often the case today. Bioligo trace elements are absorbed under the tongue, by-passing digestion, entering the bloodstream instantly. 


Personalised – We are all different and our requirement for any remedy - natural or pharmaceutical - will vary from person to person and at different stages of their lives. As far back as 1946 Dr Menetrier (France), one of the pioneers in the application of Oligotherapy, observed that not all the patients suffering from the same health condition and treated with the same trace element prescription made a full recovery. This discovery led to further research and his identification of four ‘terrains’ (background conditions) that respond to specific trace elements, which must always be included in any therapeutic application. (The four terrains were later increased to five, which included the endocrine system (hormones), based on further research conducted by the CRAO). 


The concept of identifying the background condition of an individual to determine the direction of the treatment is incorporated in many traditional therapies like Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Medicine, Ayevda and Homeopathy, and should be the basis upon which all natural  treatments are practiced, otherwise the treatment plan could resemble the principals of orthodox medicine where a pharmaceutical remedy is prescribed just to treat the symptoms. When working with natural remedies, a more holistic understanding needs to be incorporated to achieve optimum results.


As already mentioned, if trace elements are not in the correct synergy and catalytic form, they can contribute to degeneration and disease. Below are some examples of two frequently prescribed single trace elements as supplements – Zinc and Calcium – and the consequences of their negative interaction in the body with other trace elements and minerals:

The way foward - Global Oligotherapy 

Between 1958 and 1978 Dr Picard (France) conducted successful clinical trials (50,000 cases) using trace elements to treat osteoarthritis.


He proved that for both healing and regeneration of joints to occur, several trace elements were needed to be taken simultaneously. This was a challenge because of the reactivity of trace elements. Initially the 12 trace elements were supplied in individual glass ampoules, which was both expensive and awkward for the patients to handle. In 1973 Bioligo successfully combined all the trace elements for Dr Picard’s trials in just two complexes, ensuring that each trace element retained their therapeutic action. This pioneering work gave birth to the current range of 19 Global Oligotherapy complexes. 


The CRAO/ Bioligo’s unique history has given them a comprehensive understanding of how to administer natural remedies in the complex landscape of 21st century health challenges. The Bioligo global trace element complexes fulfil the modern-day challenging requirements of delivering important trace elements in a potent form that is fast acting, uniquely effective and safe for everybody including children, pregnant or lactating women, the frail and the aged.  


(All Bioligo trace element products are produced under strict Swiss GMP  - Good Manufacturing Practices)

The Institute of Oligotherapy is the UK agent and training office - for English speaking countries for Laboratoires Bioligo and the CRAO



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Zinc/Copper = Anaemia, hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism,

degenerative diseases, diabetes, delayed scarring, sterility, mood swings.

Zinc/Iron = Delayed scarring, anaemia.

Zinc/Magnesium* = Arthritis, diabetes, loss of taste.

Zinc/Manganese = Diabetes, sterility, impotence, and prostatitis.

Calcium*/Zinc = Osteoporosis, poor assimilation of  Vitamin D.

Calcium*/Iron = Disturbance in the metabolism of Calcium.

Calcium*/Copper = Disorders of neuropsychological system degenerative disease.

Calcium*/Magnesium* = Muscle cramps, weakness, fatigue, osteoporosis.

*Calcium and Magnesium are elements of construction

that also have a catalytic function.