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Oligotherapy is the therapeutic use of catalytic trace elements combining
Swiss science and expertise with Nature


Global Oligotherapy works efficiently as a stand-alone therapy or integrated into another natural therapy. 

Many practitioners of Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Chiropractic, Aromatherapy, and Hypnotherapy, as well as integrated medical practitioners, find the addition of Global Oligotherapy to their treatments extremely helpful and complementary; adding an extra dimension and strength to their protocols.

Global Oligotherapy Training is available in London, South Oxfordshire, and via zoom.

Training is offered to individuals who are already trained and insured in a CAM or medical discipline. 


The training comprises three levels. 

Introduction:  A free 45 min introduction to the  range of applications of Oligotherapy.

Level  One:  The complexes, their applications and identification of the diatheses (the background condition/constitution/terrain). 

Level Two is undertaken after the practitioner has worked with the products for several months, and covers advanced and complex applications. Further details on request.

After the training the Institute provides on-going support with client cases

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