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The phrase Long Covid began appearing in 2020 to describe persistent symptoms as a result of contracting Covid-19: symptoms that range from fatigue, hair loss in women, muscle pains, debilitating headaches, palpitations and digestive issues, to cognitive problems -'brain fog'- affecting memory and concentration. Since then the number of reported cases have been increasing, which appears to be confounding the medical profession. But there is a natural way to recovery from Covid that not only addresses the symptoms but also supports and strengthens all the systems of the body.

First, let’s be more specific. Long Covid is a post viral condition and Post Viral Syndrome was identified several decades ago. The difference with Long Covid is that the virus seems to be more aggressive, increasing levels of inflammation damaging organs of the body like the lungs, heart, and brain, and weakening all the systems of the body.

To succumb to any virus, the immune system must be low. It is not mystical or magical; if you are exposed to a virus and have a balanced and strong immune system, your immune system will protect your body to a greater or lesser degree. Equally, if you succumb to the virus and suffer from its debilitating symptoms, the speed of your recovery will depend on the overall quality of your body’s health. We call this the body’s background condition or ‘terrain’...

If it is taking a long time for your body to recover, then that is a sign that your terrain is weakened and will need to be strengthened and supported to once again enjoy good health.

My experience with PVS dates back to the 1990s when I was a member of a team of medics and complementary practitioners creating a recovery programme using natural therapies and remedies for ME/PVS/chronic fatigue. Since then I have had considerable experience working with these conditions, guiding my clients towards their strong recovery.

So how does one recover from post viral conditions?

Experience has shown me that the key to recovery for any health condition is to target the cellular level first, as the health of the cells ultimately determine the health of all the systems of the body.

Without the trace elements in their correct catalytic form and precise balance and quantity, the body’s cells cannot function efficiently and important nutrients vital for the healthy functioning of cells will not be activated. This means nutrients from your diet, supplements or any natural remedy will not work to their full capacity - if at all. As an example without the presence of the catalyst copper in the cells, iron cannot be absorbed.

Equally, specific trace elements are depleted quickly when the immune system is defending the body i.e. zinc and copper, and they need to be replaced intelligently and fast. Supplements containing combinations of minerals and trace elements that must be broken down by the digestive system before travelling to the correct cell will either not survive the long journey to their target cells, or disrupt the trace element and mineral balance in the cells which will eventually lead to degeneration and disease.

Oligotherapy has a logical, two-pronged approach to Long Covid or any PVS: to identify the immediate trace element requirement related to symptoms and their severity; and to identify the trace elements necessary to strengthen the terrain, which will be different from person to person based on their medical history, personality and lifestyle.

Once this information is established a complex of trace elements can be administered, targeting specific cells, which are absorbed efficiently and rapidly. The trace elements used in the Bioligo oligotherapy complexes are absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) entering the blood stream immediately, and the unique and patented manufacturing process of the trace elements ensures cellular absorption.

For long term recovery it is therefore important to know which oligotherapy complex is required. In the case of Long Covid the immune system must be supported and will need the complex No. 14 - Manganese-Copper-Zinc-Gold-Silver-Magnesium but, because of the complications caused by inflammation, we might need to choose a different combination of complexes, which will, of course, be dependent on the individual’s needs.

However, this logical, steady approach can be challenging in our ‘instant’ world where we are sold the myth that we can achieve good health by just taking a ‘pill’ or by ingesting a bucket full of supplements to achieve full recovery without identifying or addressing the cause of the illness.

It is quite tempting today to be influenced by blogs and social media influencer posts, framed within slick marketing prose that make huge claims about specific supplements and natural remedies with the ability to take away all ills and symptoms. Unfortunately, maintaining good health is not that simple, particularly with a chronic condition like Long Covid. The health of our body depends on multiple reactions working simultaneously.

If your body is not recovering quickly from any illness, it is a sign that the body is not functioning correctly at some level. It is at that point that the cells need extra support and, therefore, you really will need to take a more holistic view of your health and lifestyle rather than focusing just on individual symptoms.

Without this understanding, the expectation of the recovery time is often flawed, and the most common questions clients ask me are:

‘How long will it take for me to recover?'

'When can I go back to work?'

The answer to these questions begins with detective work: What caused your body to become sufficiently low to succumb to illness; how long did it take for your terrain to become weak? The weakness didn’t happen overnight, it developed over a period of time and therefore it will take time to fully recharge your batteries and make a full recovery. It is the role of the practitioner to identify the evolution of degeneration and the stage of degeneration. Once this is identified, it is easy to work out the path to full recovery.

One final factor: The most important ingredient to your recovery is YOU! You must take responsibility for your future health and that means working intelligently with professionals who have the necessary information, knowledge and experience to guide you successfully along that path to full recovery.

Oligotherapy is practiced by professionals with many years of experience working with natural healing modalities and natural remedies, who have a true understanding of working holistically with their clients. Equally, the trace elements used in the Bioligo global oligotherapy complexes have been proven scientifically to work with many health issues: immunity, fertility, menopause, anaemia, arthritis, sleep, and anxiety, to name a few.

If you are a natural therapy practitioner or a medical practitioner wishing to work with Oligotherapy - Trace Element Therapy, The Institute of Oligotherapy is the training centre for English-speaking countries on behalf of Laboratoires Bioligo/Centre de Recherches et d'Applications sur les Oligoéléments – Switzerland.

If you would like to know more about Oligotherapy feel free to email:

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