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Ancient Memory - Meditation Incense 30g

A Mystical Blend of Sacred Resins & Botanicals
Each 30g pot of Ancient Memory Incense has been created using only the finest active ingredients of hand-picked botanicals and sacred plant resins. Sourced only from suppliers who are ‘in right relationship’ with the plant world.


We use a traditional alchemical process to activate this incense, increasing the vibration of each pot to align with planetary influences and the frequencies of creation.

Aroma profile:
Sweet, spicy, warm, mellow with a hint of herbal sharpness, reflecting the wisdom of nature, invoking a sense of your own ‘sacred space’.

Make sure your space is clean and tidy, place the charcoal in a suitable heat/fireproof incense burner, light the charcoal and allow to burn for approximately 15 minutes. It may crackle, so please do not leave unattended. When the coals start to turn grey, they are ready for a light sprinkling of the incense, which can be repeated several times depending on size of space and time required.

Allow the aromatic, gentle plumes of smoke to flow through your space - you can use a feather, your hand, or your breath to direct into specific areas. If you are using the incense inside, open a few windows to allow a good air flow; concentrate on the corners of rooms and move in a clockwise motion.

Top tip, incense takes on a new dimension when offered to nature in your outside space, helping us to form a stronger connection to creation.


When using during meditation make sure your burner is placed in a secure and safe position so that it cannot be knocked or fall over.

Never leave unattended, keep out of reach of children.


Meditation Incense - Ancient Memory

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