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(part of the Colleen O’Flaherty Vibrational Aromatherapy Range)


A mystical blend of 100% organic, medicinal grade essential oils produced using a traditional alchemical process which intensifies the healing and therapeutic qualities of the blend. 



Cinnamomum camphora ct linalool

Pelargonium graveolens

Citrus aurantium var. dulcis

Boswellia carterii


The therapeutic effect of inhaling medicinal grade essential oils, has been scientifically demonstrated to have a direct effect on our nervous and hormonal systems and, depending on the wisdom and skill of the blender, has the ability to harmonise and uplift mood, calm anxiety as well as enhance mental acuity.


Recommended uses for the Ancient Memory blend:

  • To assist with meditation and visualisation practices

  • To uplift, calm and balance mood

  • To be used as a part of our bespoke self-development programmes (AlchemicalTransformation Programmes) which includes our meditation tea, incense, & healing music.


Directions for use:
Closing one nostril using thumb or finger, inhale through the other nostril taking 2-3 breaths.
Can be used as part of your daily self-care ritual as well as various times during the day as required and can be easily carried in a handbag or pocket providing ongoing support throughout your day.


For inhalation use only. Keep away from children. Not to be used during pregnancy and lactation. If taking any medication for cardiac, sleep, antidepressants or anti-psychotics we highly recommend you consult with an accredited clinical aromatherapy. If in doubt, please contact our offices by email. Do not dismantle the inhaler. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. 

Meditation Nasal Inhaler - Ancient Memory

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